Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Other Latino Review

I cannot in good conscience pass myself off as the "Latino Review" ( without paying homenaje at el otro "Latino Review," ( which subtitles itself as "The Latin Perspective on Movies and Pop Culture." I visited various pages on the site and asked myself, ¿what? I found very little evidence of Latin Perspective (which I did wish was Latino Perspective, rather than "Ancient Rome" Latin Perspective). The interviews were not with Latino actors. There wasn't any coverage of movies in Spanish or of movies with a Hispanic theme.  No articles about the lack of Latino Presence in the film industry.

However, the majority of  writers did have Spanish last names. And let me tell you, can they write!

This picture, accompanying their review of the film, "The Possession," best captures how I feel about their writing. It grabs you. Because it is superb. I mean, just how much NewYorkerMagazinese could you desire when you can read something like this:

"Usually when we get horror from big budget studios, money is poured into visual effect which no matter how realistic they are, can never function as a substitute for a good story." (Ron Henriques)

Or this question to the writer of the screenplay for "Prime Rush" from writer Dana Gardner: (Please. We cannot prove that he is not Latino.)

"Except for the 1986 Kevin Bacon movie, Quicksilver, the bike messenger community and the world of brakeless, fixed-gear bikes have never really been explored before in mainstream film. David, how did you become interested in this community and what made you want to write a screenplay about it?"

I shall make a habit of visiting this site often. Sharpen my chops as escritora. Their writing is colorful, knowledgeable, and, my favorite, cómico.

Perhaps when this, my own Latino Review, becomes famous, I can ask them to review a cine de chick, and they will do so in a sensitive and delicate manner.  They do review "Ruby Sparks," and that may have cine de chick potential, or perhaps the cine about the woman who finds out her friend is a phone sex operator?

Regresaré, Latino Review.

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